ABOUT US Canadian Pakistani Association of Halton (CPAH) is an independent, not for profit organization, with no political affiliation, which will be dedicated to promote mutual understanding and strengthening collaboration among peoples and leaders of Pakistan and Canada. Across the fields of arts, business, culture, education, and policy, the organization provides insight, generates ideas, and promotes collaboration to address present challenges and create a shared future. Our mission is to provide cultural and social interaction for the families and individuals of the community and to offer a variety of programs and services to its members. It serves as a catalyst of social activities that not only inform the citizens towards civil rights and liberties but also promote the awareness about the responsibilities of citizens towards the Country. Our vision is to empower, inspire and engage our community to strive for personal and professional success and provide platform that will give guideline and quality feedback to develop and implement best practices that lead to more prosperous society. To achieve this vision, we will build a pool of diverse professionals who will be able to contribute and encourage participation in social, cultural and educational programs. Core Values: Leadership — Develop, inspire, and connect leaders. Education — Excel at lifelong learning. Diversity — Embrace a culture of inclusion and innovation. Value Addition - Engage with insightful, inspirational and value-added events. Empowerment - Equip with a "voice" that will allow to speak your mind and build your personal brand. Membership There are two classes of members in CPAH, namely, voting members and non-voting members. The board of directors of the Corporation may, by resolution, approve the admission of the members. Members may also be admitted in such other manner as may be prescribed by the board by resolution. The following conditions of membership shall apply: Voting Members Voting membership shall be available only to those individuals who should have a right to vote and who have applied and have been accepted for voting membership. Voting member has to pay the membership fees set by the board. In order to have voting rights, a voting member has to be in good standing for last six months. The term of membership of a voting member shall be annual renewable in accordance with the policies of the Corporation. As set out in the articles, each voting member is entitled to receive notice of, attend and vote at all meetings of members and each such voting member shall be entitled to one (1) vote at such meetings. General Members General membership shall be available to those individuals who have applied and have been accepted for general membership. There is no fee for general membership and will not have a right to vote.The term of membership of a non-voting member shall be annual, subject to renewal in accordance with the CPAH policies. Subject to the Act and the articles, a non-voting member shall not be entitled to receive notice of, attend or vote at meetings of the members of the Corporation. Eligibility for Membership Membership is open to any person who: Is a resident of Canada, living in GTA and/or carrying on business in the specified territorial boundaries; Is at least eighteen (16) years of age; Has, in the opinion of the Board, a genuine interest in the objectives of the Corporation and whose application for Membership has been approved by the Board; Or, any non-profit corporation, that is carrying on business in the territorial boundaries of the Corporation; Membership in Good Standing A Member is in good standing when: Has applied for membership and requested inclusion on the Register of Members, in a manner specified by the Secretary. The Member has paid any required fees to CPAH (if applicable); and The Member is not suspended as a Member as provided for under Suspension article. Note: 1) Voting members are required to apply for paid membership in writing and have to pay regularly the membership fee as prescribed by the board. 2) General members shall be entitled to receive notices for social/cultural programs arranged by CPAH and shall be offered preferred/ discounted tickets (if any) of programs/functions arranged by CPAH .
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Canadian Pakistani Association of Halton
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Canadian Pakistani Association of Halton
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